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Smoke Yeti Ice Bandana

Smoke Yeti Ice Bandana

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We’ve changed up our ice bandana - working to get the very best product at the best price! 

Still insulated. Now top loading. We are using pre-made bandanas to keep the cost lower than before. Hope you like them. The price will go up a little next season. 

Use Advice:

(1) Tying around your neck (we like the knot on the side a little).

(2) Using the vest loops or tying ends to secure to your vest, relieving pressure from your throat.

(3) Tying the ends around your sports bra straps if you do not have a vest and would like the same comfort.

(4) Add ice every 2 to 3 hours on long races.


Most of our items are Made to Order. Allow 1 to 2 weeks for sewing unless noted that an item is "In Stock".


Visors Because we worked so very hard making your visor we ask that you
please care for it, not as much as a child, but possibly as much as a

Hand wash / Hang or lay flat to air dry (for a quick dry option, place in front of a gentle fan)

Do not iron / Do not bleach / Do not sit on top of or squish to death, you know, normal goldfish stuff.

Sleeves & Bandanas Hand or machine wash and dry on low.


Free US returns, so try us out! Email for a complimentary shipping label and you will be refunded after your return is received.

Scroll down for more information on hat styles.

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Trucker vs Sprinter

- Do you run hot?

- Do you have a sensitive head or get headaches often?

- Do you currently wear dad caps or headbands?

- Do you want a packable hat?

If YES - purchase a Sprinter.


- Do you currently wear trucker hats?

- Do you want to wear trucker hats but they are too tall and weird?

- Do you want a hat that you can wear running errands?

- Do you have a super small forehead?

If YES - purchase a Trucker


Both visors are highly adjustable to fit all circumferences. Approx 21 to 24.5 inches.

the sisterhood effect

When you're out and you see another gal wearing a Kea Peak visor - watch the friendship spark!