About Us


The Kea is the only alpine parrot in the world, located in New Zealand, where our company founder fell in love with the best guy ever while backpacking. It also laughs in groups and tears up whatever it can get its beak on, like boots, backpacks, and cars. Different, rebellious, community driven - it seemed like an appropriate mascot.


Pronounced "Kia Peak" or "Key-Yuh Peak"


"Lots of girls look stellar in trucker caps, and I'm happy for them; I, however, look like a man. A hat covers all of my short hair slicked back and I'm not going to pull out those little cute-girl-side-whispies just before heaving myself up a 3,000 ft cliff. I owned a standard teal Nike visor that I wore if I HAD to shade my face, but let's face it, that's just an out of date tennis visor. It sort of passed in my volleyball circles, but I was not impressed. As I fell more in love with trail running I grew even more eager to find a solution; a hat that fit the culture, one that showed who I was in pictures (namely, a girl), and one that was not going to give me a headache. When nothing could be found I figured I'd just have to do it myself. I learned how to engineer a pattern and I learned how to sew it from online videos. And when I was about to give up...I kept going."

Abby Morton, Founder and Maker


Our products as well as our factory system is anything but typical. We’ve built a micro-factory right here in Reno where we do pretty much everything. We pick out and hand cut the coolest factory end fabrics, we hand roll the sweatbands, sew everything together, and press our designs in house, literally, it’s in a house. We exist to make unique products for our closest running friends…about 800 of you right now.

As we build our community we're committed to a supportive work environment and passionate about giving domestic violence survivors, and women raising children, a safe place to grow with the monetary support they need. We are proud to have employed 2 women as they moved out of abusive homes and into a life where they felt safe and free. We often give to Awaken Reno to continue to make an impact for abuse survivors. If you are in an abusive relationship we want you to know you are loved, you are not to blame, and it's time for you to rise.

Currently we have scaled back our production and Abby is making all of the products for a time. Everything is made to order and takes about a week in production. Small business, made in the US, is a bit of a roller coaster and we're just riding it, sewing that gear, and always getting that long run in! Follow production on Instagram @keapeak.

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* Kea Peak Athlete: Catra Corbett @dirtdiva333 - Ultra marathoner
* Kea Peak Athlete: Lucja Leonard @runningdutchie, Finding Gobi's mom
*Kea Peak Athlete: Maia Detmer @Maiabirdygoat
For women by women.
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