Engineered by a female runner

Our Name

The Kea is the only alpine parrot in the world, located in New Zealand, where our company founder fell in love with the best guy ever while backpacking. It also laughs in groups and tears up whatever it can get its beak on, like boots, backpacks, and cars. Different, rebellious, community driven - it seemed like an appropriate mascot.


Pronounced "Kia Peak"

But that would be South Korea's line of tiny mountain cars. 

Our Story

"Lots of girls look stellar in trucker caps, and I'm happy for them; I, however, look like a man. A hat covers all of my short hair slicked back and I'm not going to pull out those little cute-girl-side-whispies just before heaving myself up a 3,000 ft cliff. I owned a standard teal Nike visor that I wore if I HAD to shade my face, but let's face it, that's just an out of date tennis visor. It sort of passed in my volleyball circles, but I was not impressed. As I fell more in love with trail running I grew even more eager to find a solution; a hat that fit the culture, one that showed who I was in pictures (namely, a girl), and one that was not going to give me a headache. When nothing could be found I figured I'd just have to do it myself. I learned how to engineer a pattern and I learned how to sew it from online videos. I knew I needed to persevere, I knew one day many others would be happy I did."

Abby Morton, Founder and Production Lead


As we build our empire we're committed to a supportive work environment and passionate about giving domestic violence survivors, and women raising children, a safe place to grow with the monetary support they need. We are proud to have financed 2 women as they moved out of abusive homes and into a life where they felt safe and free. We often give to Awaken Reno to continue to make an impact for abuse survivors. These are not $2 visors, mass produced with our logo. These were engineered from the ground up and each one is handcrafted in Reno, NV. USA.

And when we say handcrafted, we mean hand-freaking-crafted. We pick out and hand cut the coolest factory end fabrics, we hand roll the sweatbands and rev up those sewing machines for hours attaching all the pieces, then we hand press our custom artwork in the final stages. At the end when the hat gets its buckle we ring a bell and cheer, because each hat we make is a little construction miracle that's going to help hold some amazing woman's hair back while she throws herself at a finish line somewhere. 

We are made for women, by women, and although we're not for everyone, if you get us, you love us, and we LOVE YOU!
(Men we make a few things for you sometimes too.)

Our People

Founder: Abby - Marathoner, beach volleyball
Seamstress/Model: Jourdie - Hard court volleyball
Seamstress/Model: Lauren - Mother who works out at home like a boss
Seamstress: Kathyleen - Mountain biker, hiker
Sweatband Seamstress: Mary Jo - The wise one
Kea Peak Athlete: Catra Corbet "Dirt Diva" - Ultramarathoner
Kea Peak Athlete: Maia Detmer - Ultramarathoner