Our Story

colorful kea peak visors in progress at sewing machine

Pronounced "Kia Peak", but that would be South Korea's line of tiny mountain cars. 

 The Kea is the only alpine parrot in the world, located in New Zealand, where our company founder fell in love with the best guy ever. It also laughs in groups and tears up whatever it can get its beak on, like boots, backpacks, and cars. It seemed like an appropriate mascot.

our start

"There was a Tahoe trail race booked for the next day and a lost tennis visor (that I hated anyway). I cut the top off a tourist hat, balled up my signature half-a-head of curls, and claimed myself a trail race personal best and a new passion. With months of all-in development I created a visor that's more like a topless hat; all the style of the trucker and the perks of the visor. And the comfort level is off the charts." - Abby​

 our mission

Hand crafted in Reno, NV. We're committed to a supportive work environment and passionate about giving domestic violence survivors, and women raising children, a safe place to grow with the monetary support they need. These are not $2 visors, mass produced with our logo, these are engineered from the ground up; originals, with all the features you'll love. Made for women, by women, so you can feel great. [ men can join in / patent pending ]

The Kea Peak Team

headshot of Abby kea peak owner
Founder, Abby is a mother of 2 kids and 2 businesses. She has finished one full marathon and is most proud of the running she invested to train and escort 10 women in homeless and drug recovery programs to finish their first races (the best race, half marathons). Transitioning from Portland to Reno she has been running trail and finished her first trail half marathon in May 2019. She has a goal to run 50K in 2020.

  hat maker and model Jourdie wearing urban sherpa visorhat make and model lauren with her kidsbrand ambassador maia at outdoor eventhat maker kathleen on mountain bike