A visor-hat hybrid
designed especially
for women

the comfort, style, and hair options athletic women need.
Women are Raving!

• Soft stretch sides
• No fuss fit
• Trucker style in a visor
• Fits large and small head sizes


*Great for smaller and larger heads. Loved by the trucker people.* 

Our original top knot trucker visors have a layer of foam in the front two panels for those who like the structure and style of truckers but might have a love-hate relationship with the classic, giant trucker cap. Try our trucker without the top! You might just look like the girl you're craving to see in the mirror before you dominate those mountains.

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 *Great for medium height heads. Loved by headwrap & visor people.* 

Our top knot sprinter visors sit closer to your head than our truckers and is our coolest and lightest option for the athlete who runs hot and need maximum coft. With soft sides that can fit over your ears and do a much better job holding in your mane without snags. We've got your old visors and running caps beat.

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little flair?
Catra Corbet approved for hundreds of miles

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