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  • When I have the choice to run or do laundry...

    I run.

    Here I got myself a pretty little boot after a 24 hour race.

  • WHY?

    I know it's weird that I spent half of a year Frankensteining a hat - but it came out of need. I wanted to wear trucker hats but my hair is just not long enough. I looked like a man and I needed a solution. After cutting the top off of a trucker hat before a Tahoe trail race I decided that this could be the thing. And here we are now. Sewing topless hats from scratch that are patent protected, an original created by me for us.

  • I race HARD

    against the clock that is. Here I hit the first summit in 2 hours, right on schedule. Never Summer 60K, Colorado. Made every cut off.


    Women are my passion. Such wonderful hearts and stories are all around us. This company was born out of support. We created maker positions for women escaping abuse and women who needed flexible income. From the inside of the company to the customers who purchase our goods, we truly exist to support the women around us... and to laugh and eat snacks.

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