engineered and handcrafted by a female trail runner in Reno, NV
NonElite Team Box PREORDER
NonElite Team Box PREORDER
NonElite Team Box PREORDER
NonElite Team Box PREORDER
NonElite Team Box PREORDER
NonElite Team Box PREORDER
NonElite Team Box PREORDER
NonElite Team Box PREORDER
NonElite Team Box PREORDER
NonElite Team Box PREORDER
NonElite Team Box PREORDER
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NonElite Team Box - Season 2

Do you run fast? Do you hike tall mountains? Do you win beach volleyball tournaments in Santa Cruz? .... Well none of that matters right now.

This team is about Kea Peak hat hoarders that live their best life outside. Get three hats for 30% off as a bundle. Many box designs are not offered in our regular line.

Team boxes ship in about 2 weeks and are discounted to enable your addiction. One box per customer. No design swaps.


Choose SPRINTER or TRUCKER visors for your box. This box includes -

Opossum: champagne camo for an easy win with any outfit.

Ghost: NEW super comfortable, multi colored, loves to run.

Chillax: NEW hawaiian print with just enough summer vibes to last the year.


Limited qty. On sale 10/15 to 10/30 or until we sell out.

Our visors are different from the norm. If you want to purchase a few styles to find your best fit, we've got your back! We offer free return labels for your convenience. Contact us at Sales@keapeak.com for help.

We put together all of our hands, and all of our brains, and a bunch of fabric and sewing machines to create your Kea Peak Visor. Sometimes if you lean into your visor real close and listen with your heart you can gather what was built into it's core, being made in our tiny girl factory...it's made in love, support, and super hilarious jokes, and all it wants is to just go outside with you!

Slight pattern or color differences may occur because your hat is an individual.

And because we worked so very hard making your visor we ask that you please care for it, not as much as a child, but possibly as much as a goldfish.

Hand wash / Hang to air dry (for a quick dry option, place in front of a gentle fan)

Do not iron / Do not bleach / Do not sit on top of or squish to death, you know, normal goldfish stuff.

If the visor I want is sold out will it come back? 

Probably! We make small batches and add in quantities our sewing team can produce in a timely manner. When we take a design off the site that means it’s gone for good. We use many fabrics from factory end sellers so there is often a limit to the quantity we can make. If you love one, buy before it’s gone! We always try to bring in fresh designs as old designs sell out. 

My Trucker Visor has foam on the inside rim that pushes the sweatband down. Is that normal? 

Yes. Our visors are handmade and not machine pressed so our Trucker sweatbands need to be broken in a little. Flip up the sweatband how you like it and tighten your visor. In a few days it will form to your head. It’s different, but it’s much more comfortable than a hard pressed visor. Our Sprinter Visors are thinner and do not require the breaking in step.  



The Most Trucker Style

*Great for smaller and larger heads. Loved by the trucker people.* 

Our original top knot trucker visors have a layer of foam in the front two panels for those who like the structure and style of truckers but might have a love-hate relationship with the classic, giant trucker cap.


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The Most Comfortable

*Great for medium height heads. Loved by headwrap & visor people.* 

Our top knot sprinter visors sit closer to your head than our truckers and is our coolest and lightest option for the athlete who runs hot and need maximum coft. With soft sides that can fit over your ears and do a much better job holding in your mane without snags. We've got your old visors and running caps beat.

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Petent Pending & Handcrafted
Women are Raving

• A visor that looks like a hat
• Ultra high, fitting front

• No slip adjustable fit
• Comfort stretch sides
• Fits large and small head sizes

Catra Corbet "Dirt Diva" approved for hundreds of miles

Try us risk free!

Free returns in the US. Contact Sales@keapeak.com for return label within 30 days.

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