up your
visor game

are you a
trucker lover

but your hair is looking for more?

are you a
visor fan

wanting more style and comfort?

Trend setting headwear with all the style of a trucker and the perks of a visor.
Get hooked on our ultra-high upper, comfort fit, and small batch designs.


There’s just something about the way they fit that is different from every other hat or visor.

April 11, 2019 RunOregonBlog.com

Kelly, founder | Oregon Run Blog

Game changer over here! I like wearing a hat so I don't have to bother with my hair BUT no hats fit well over a messy bun! Kea Peak has solved this mega life challenge with the coolest, most comfortable, rad looking visors.

Dacia | New Zealand

Finally a hat I can wear with my hearing aids and sunglasses! The soft sides can lay right on top of my ears.

Leala | Reno

Kea Peak offers high quality visors in lots of fun, fashionable prints. The owner is cool, too. Her commitment to doing good and helping others makes me feel good about supporting her business.

Amy | CA