You Belong

You Belong

Before us lies an ultra distance and the questions nag once again. Are we strong enough? Are we fast enough? Do we belong here?

And who gets to answer those questions?

It seems only fair to ask the trail and the sky. They were the ones with us all those early hours and long miles. They heard us running through the silent night. When we were nearly hypothermic, then boiled and burned, they saw our pain. We’ve fallen down, thrown up, and blistered on those trails. We’ve laughed and cried and gotten lost under those skies.

Yes. The trail says we have the strength, because we’ve showed up and we’ve endured. And we are fast enough, yes, because the sky never rushes. So we belong on those trails and under those skies because we’ve sacrificed to be there and we love to be there.

If you doubt it, ask them again, and again, and tell me what you hear.


Keep showing up,

XO - Abby

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