Bodie's Story

Bodie's Story

A letter from 2 happy customers.

Almost six years ago we picked this tiny puppy up from a rescue society. They didn't really know anything about him except that they thought that he was part Malinois and that he would probably max out at 46 pounds. 

Fast forward almost six years and he's at least 115 pounds plus. He loves to hike and trail run with us, but he is very thick and overheats quickly, especially in the summer.
Thanks to Kea Peak we now have his custom made ice pack bandana which we can load up, wet down and hit the trails !
And now it's easier to bomb the downhills! And when this guy bombs the downhills all 115 pounds bombs the downhills ! 
His neck (at 32 inches) is so large, but your custom design fits perfectly!
Thanks again, 
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