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Kea Peak

Night Iris

Night Iris

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Frequently asked

Which visor should I choose & other great questions

Trucker vs Sprinter

Both styles are built with 4 panels instead of the lame old onesie (and we have the patent on it!) This gives your visor a faux hat look in the front without sticking straight up like the crazy person you might be but you'd rather not show.

Truckers have a layer of foam sewn inside the front 2 layers. This gives it a structure just like a trucker hat but leave the top open for your bunsies. This is our most stylish visor and my personal favorite.

= If a Trucker Visor was a shoe it would be a Siiick Toms ankle boot.

* Not as packable, please treat with a certain amount of respect.

Sprinters fit more like dad caps with thinner front panels that sit closer to your head. This is our most comfortable style in the heat and for those sensitive heads.

= If a Sprinter Visor was a shoe it would be a cozy Adidas sneaker.

* Cram it in your bag, no one cares.

Barfers vs Classic

Now choose your fabric!

Barfers are made with spandex. This gives a sportier look and a comfortable stretch. Fits the biggest and most sensitive heads.

Classics are made with less or non-stretch polys and wools. These visors look a bit more upscale and you don't always have to be sweating in them. If your hair washing routine tends to gets spread out a bit, you'll need one of these.

Head Size

Come big heads and small! We have a highly adjustable buckle strap system with quick tightening in the wind.

Approx 21 to 24.5 inches circumference.

Some find that the Truckers fit smaller heads better. Sometimes new customers will need to try both styles to find their true love fit. Free returns are available just just such a situation.

You seriously make these?

Heck to the Yes! The concept was created when I took a pair of scissors to a Tahoe tourist hat but no hats are currently being harmed in production, these are made from scratch from factory end fabrics in small batches and you will find them to be entirely different in the look and feel from a factory visor made overseas.

Bill Curve

Bend your bill as you wish. It's a medium weight, moldable plastic. I give mine a little bendy bend before wearing until it's broken in. A slight bend helps the top of the cap fit it's best on most heads.

Washing & Care

Hand wash and hang dry. You can use the same water and soap as you do...looks like you have a shower buddy!!!

Take extra care of the foam front on the truckers, do not crush.

Take extra care of metallic spandex, do not scrub heavily.

The standard spandex sprinters can be put in the machine but it might hold a grudge.