barf series, wild running hat, running visor, bun hat
Rumble - Sprinter Barf Series
Rumble - Sprinter Barf Series
barf series, wild running hat, running visor, bun hat
Rumble - Sprinter Barf Series
Rumble - Sprinter Barf Series

Rumble - Sprinter Barf Series

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Rumble - "When in doubt, barf it out."

Our sprinter barf series is inspired by the marathon girl who's all push and no quit.

SPRINTER VISOR a favorite for the athlete who runs hot and is looking for a lightweight, cooling solution. Poly materials and no foam front give this technical visor a fit closer to your head. Loved by the medium-sized heads and those who run in thin or dad style caps.

Pattern Varies, Limited Qty.

Because our Top Knot Truckers are not quite as tall as a typical trucker hat you can have a large head, but you don't have to. We were made to be the trucker alternative for women who feel they can't wear trucker hats because of size, fit, hair, etc.

Foam Front Truckers - For larger and smaller heads

Non Foam Sprinters - Best for medium size heads

If you want to buy one of each style, and possibly return one, let us know and we'll send you a free return label.

Our visors are handcrafted in Reno, NV. Mixed materials. Slight pattern or color differences may occur.

Hand wash / Hang to air dry

Do not iron / Do not bleach



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Special Features
three icons showing lightweight super cinch ultra high upper features

• All our visors come with an ultra-high 3.5 inch visor top. Our Patent pending 4 panel design curves with your head giving you the style of a traditional cap and the perks of a visor

• Super cinch, quick tightening nylon strap for athletic use with a no snag, buckle closure

• Lightweight fabrics and medium weight bill that can be molded to your favorite curve gives our visors a giant comfort advantage

• Soft, absorbent sweatband

• One size fits all adjustment // 21 inch to 24.5 inch circumference

buckle closure visor, best fit visor, Kia Peak

You'll love our closure system that gives you seamless, adjustable comfort. We strive to fit the most head sizes on the market.

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For women by women, we make bomb headwear and we run a lot.