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Happy Masks

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Small batches will be added every Friday around 5:00pm Pacific. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social for updates. Orders are shipped in 1 to 3 business days.


Our seamstresses have been donating their time to make masks for our local hospital but we are now transitioning to making cloth face coverings for the public in order to save the best masks for our healthcare facilities, keep our staff at Kea Peak on payroll, and our community safe. We hope to bring you good looking masks at a fair price. We are all in this together and we thank you for your love and support!


>> 2 layers - Happy fabric outer and cotton poly blend inner. (fabric weights vary slightly from style to style). Comfortable pattern.

>> Elastic ties can be tied to fit your ears and then cut or left to sway. It's face decor! The top tie is longer so you can tie just under your ears for max comfort.

The elastic tie color, inner layer, and logo may not be the one pictured. We are working with limited supplies for quick turn around. The outside fabric will be the one you choose.

>> Size 

OS Adult: approx 6 inch chin to nose, approx 8 inch ear to ear fabric section. We would call it a medium fit and we sew with women in mind first and men second.

OS Kid: approx 4.5 inch chin to nose, approx 7 inch ear to ear fabric section. Our little model is 10 years old.

>> Care - Hand or machine wash hot with like colors, dry on lowest heat to keep colors vibrant.


We do not describe or guarantee our face coverings to be lifesaving, virus stopping, or of healthcare grade. These cloth face coverings are expected to help bring down the spread of virus between 30% and 50% in your community by covering unknowing carriers of Covid 19 and keeping the spread of virus off surfaces. This is not a means to keep yourself unaffected by any virus. Please follow social distancing, quarantine, and hand washing guidelines as advised by the CDC and government officials.



With free shipping and free returns on our hats we support you trying on 2 or 3 visors and returning what you don't love. The way your headwear fits and looks is highly important to you and so it's highly important to us!

And for your convenience we'll be coming to more stores in the Reno/Tahoe & Vegas area in late 2020.

We put together all of our hands, and all of our brains, and a bunch of fabric and sewing machines to create your Kea Peak Visor. Sometimes if you lean into your visor real close and listen with your heart you can gather what was built into it's core, being made in our tiny girl factory...it's made in love, support, and super hilarious jokes, and all it wants is to just go outside with you!

Slight pattern or color differences may occur because your hat is an individual.

And because we worked so very hard making your visor we ask that you please care for it, not as much as a child, but possibly as much as a goldfish.

Hand wash / Hang to air dry (for a quick dry option, place in front of a gentle fan)

Do not iron / Do not bleach / Do not sit on top of or squish to death, you know, normal goldfish stuff.

If the visor I want is sold out will it come back? 

Probably! We make small batches and add in quantities our sewing team can produce in a timely manner. When we take a design off the site that means it’s gone for good. We use many fabrics from factory end sellers so there is often a limit to the quantity we can make. If you love one, buy before it’s gone! We always try to bring in fresh designs as old designs sell out. 

My Trucker Visor has foam on the inside rim that pushes the sweatband down. Is that normal? 

Yes. Our visors are handmade and not machine pressed so our Trucker sweatbands need to be broken in a little. Flip up the sweatband how you like it and tighten your visor. In a few days it will form to your head. It’s different, but it’s much more comfortable than a hard pressed visor. Our Sprinter Visors are thinner and do not require the breaking in step.  


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Special Features
three icons showing lightweight super cinch ultra high upper features

• Lightweight fabrics and medium weight bill that can be molded to your favorite curve gives our visors a giant comfort advantage

• Super cinch, quick tightening nylon strap for athletic use with a no snag, buckle closure

• All our visors come with an ultra-high 3.5 inch visor top. Our patent pending 4 panel design curves with your head giving you the style of a traditional cap and the perks of a visor. Two styles available; foam front Trucker or flexible Sprinter

• Soft, absorbent sweatband

• One size fits all adjustment // approx 21 inch to 24.5 inch circumference

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